Who’s Viafrati3…

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Who we are

ViaFrati3 was born in july 2012 by Magda Mondini and Nicoletta Fornasini’s creativity. They both share the passion for jewelery and recycling of materials and objects.

The name

A name has the great responsability to represent us.

Once you have found it, it could seem “obvious”, but beyond the name you choose there is a whole of feelings, moods and roots.

ViaFrati3 it’s not a real addres, it’s a place of the soul, a common ideal ground where we collect projects, emotions, concepts, fantasies and aspirations.


Careful research, developement of ideas, experimentations, recovery and reuse: that’s the philosphy of the brand.

Combining all these elements and pass through unusual roads we give birth to unique and innovative object, precious of memories and vintage atmospheres.

The main core of our project is to give new life to materials and objects that has already extinguished their first one, reinventing also their function.


ViaFrati3’s journey starts with differents kinds of papers (italian and foreign newspapers, comics, sheet music, wrapping paper, yellow paper used for paking foods, cartons, old magazines). With these we make supports for neckless, bracelets or even pendants.

We also use tissues, silk’s foulards, ribbons, ropes, webbing of leather, wool and metal thread.

All enriched by semi-precious stones, crystal drops, buttons, rings, resin elements and ethnic elements from India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Thailand and North Africa.

Finally we use a very light and versatile polymeric paste with wich we create element of any form.


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